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photo by Astrid Karger
Sechs Grabschriften for mezzo-soprano and piano
Adagio di sgelo da Mozart, KV 356 for violin, bass flute and viola
Chi? Azione musicale per coro di bambini e otto musicisti for double children choir, hautbois, clarinet (and bass clarinet), basson, percussion, accordion, violin, viola, cello
Dunkler Lichtglanz for alto flute, viola, cello
Liebesverrat Lieder und innere Stimmen d'après Robert Schumann für drei Sänger und Orchester herausgearbeitet von Stefano Gervasoni for soprano, tenor, baritone and orchestra
Drei Grabschriften for mezzo-soprano and piano
In die Luft geschrieben upon Grabschriften in die Luft geschrieben and other posthumous epitaphs by Nelly Sachs for mezzo-soprano, harp, celesta, percussion and string orchestra
Altra voce omaggio a Robert Schumann per pianoforte e dispositivo elettronico trasparente for piano and electronics
The triple foole quattro madrigali a cinque voci su testi di John Donne for vocal ensemble (S. MS. CT. T. B.)
Prima traccia for basset horn and live electronics
Capriccio ostico for ensemble
Dodici sonetti di Camões da "Com que voz" for bass-baritone and large ensemble
Odoi II for two soprano saxophones
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